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Designing A Wedding Cake
part i

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Feeling uncertain about the ideal cake for your special wedding day? Let these expert tips guide you to ensure you choose the perfect one for your unforgettable occasion.

1. Look for inspiration 

Browse wedding cake designs online or in magazines for inspiration and ideas.


2. Work with a professional

Hire an experienced cake decorator to help you design and create your dream wedding cake.


3. Budget

If you have a specific budget in mind, communicate it with your cake decorator from the beginning to avoid any surprises.


4. Dietary restrictions or allergies 

Do you or any of your guests have restrictions or allergies that need to be considered when selecting flavours and ingredients for your cake? Communicate these with your cake decorator in your initial enquiries to determine if they can cater for these requirements.


5. Cake serving size

Do you and your guests enjoy cake? (Apparently there a few people in this world that don't enjoy cake!). If your cake is being served on platters for everyone to share, then you can safely provide enough cake for 80% of guests.

Use extra cutting cakes to make up more serves where needed.


6. Flavours 

Pick flavours that you and your partner love and that will compliment the rest of your menu.


7. Seasons can make a difference

Consider the season of the wedding when selecting flavours, fillings & flowers. Will your choices be readily available or out of season?


8. Your theme

Coordinate the cake design with other wedding details, such as the flowers or colour scheme. Choosing a design that reflects the theme of your wedding will help to create a cohesive look.

Want to learn more about our designs and how to create them yourself?

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