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Curious about what the latest cake trends are? Not sure what decorating options you have available to choose from? Our blog will help you with all of your needs.

Want to learn more about our designs and how to create them yourself?

Just visit our Shop to download our online tutorials or check out our YouTube channel for some amazing "how to" videos today!

Pink and White 4 Tier Wedding Cake.jpg

Mastering Fondant: Essential Tools for Perfectly Covered Cakes

I discovered that only a few essential tools are truly necessary to achieve a beautifully smooth fondant finish.

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Even More Expert Tips for Designing A Wedding Cake

Still feeling unsure about your wedding cake design? We have more Expert Tips to help ease your stress!

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Black, Red & Gold. Sarah Kennedy Photography_edited.jpg

Be Bold, Black & Beautiful

Make a statement with your next celebration cake by either adding in a touch of black or a whole lot more. You will not be disappointed!

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Freeze Dried Flowers.jpg

Real and Edible Flowers!

With these rich and vibrant colours, you won’t be able to contain your smile.

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Rose Gold Magnolias 7. Red berry Photogr

How Many Cake Portions Do You Need?

Are you serving your cake for dessert or just with coffee? 

Round cake or square cake, just follow the link to answer all of your questions! 

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Rainbow Bunny Birthday Cake.jpg

Which Cake Topper Are You?

Can't decide on the finishing touch for your bespoke cake? 

Should you use a custom made or pre-purchased topper?  

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How to Build Strong Customer Relationships

If you're a cakepreneur, you understand that baking the perfect cake is only part of the recipe for success.

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Expert Tips_Wafer Paper.png

Expert Tips When Working With Wafer Paper

Enhance your proficiency in working with wafer paper to create even more stunning and successful designs.

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Sloth Cake.jpg

Favourite 5 Children's Cakes of 2022

It is such an honour to be a part of your young one's birthday celebrations! We have so much fun creating their bespoke cakes!

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Wedding Cake Trends Of 2021

Weddings are back in full swing and we have been busier than ever creating some of our most spectacular wedding cakes. 

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Gold Unicorn.jpg

Piping Magic!

Don't be fooled into thinking that buttercream piping won't give your edible masterpiece the WOW look that you are after!

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Expert Tips_ Design your wedding cake PI.png

Expert Tips for Wedding Cake Design

There are so many things to organise for your wedding day, so let these Expert Tips guide you into designing your perfect wedding cake!

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Cake Architecture

Cake Meets Architecture

Building an architecturally designed home takes time, patience, attention to detail and commitment.  Building one out of cake is much the same!

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Easter Masterpiece

Autumn Inspired Easter Creation

We had such an amazing time creating our Easter masterpiece for the #aussieautumneaster collab.

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Blue Grey Elephant.jpg

Favourite 5 Children's Cakes of 2020

Seeing a child's eyes light up when they finally get to see their birthday cake brings pure joy to our hearts! Check out our favourite ones from 2020! 

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White & Greenery Wedding Bliss.JPG

Fresh Flowers Or Not?

Flowers can be the perfect accompaniment to your bespoke cake.

But do you want fresh or custom made ones?  

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Yvette did an absolutely amazing job creating our wedding cake, it was exactly as I had imagined in my mind and she created it beautifully!


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