Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions of Enchanted Cakes By Yvette (ECBY) before you place an order.
By proceeding, you agree to the terms and conditions of sale as outlined below.

COVID 19 Policy

In the current world of frequently changing Covid-19 restrictions, we aim to be as accommodating as possible should you need to alter your booking.  

Should your order need to be cancelled due to Government regulations, you will be able to transfer your booking and any money paid to a future date.


If you select an UNAVAILABLE FUTURE DATE, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

If you choose to CANCEL your booking, our standard cancellation policy will apply.



$100 Save the Date non-refundable retainer due 3 days after invoice issue date.

Your order is not confirmed until the Save the Date retainer is received.                    

The balance is due no later than 14 days prior to your event date.                                      

For all orders of less than 28 days notice, payment is due in full.                                             


Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your order the $100 Save the Date retainer is non refundable. Any specifically ordered items and work already undertaken in accordance with your order is additionally chargeable. For all orders cancelled within 2 weeks of the completion date, the full balance will be charged.

Quotes & Payments

Quotes are all sent via email and are valid for 7 days and subject to availability. Order details are adhered to as outlined in the quote. A $100 non-refundable Save the Date retainer fee is required to secure your date and is due within 3 business days of invoicing and full payment is due no later than 14 days prior to your event. All dates are considered open until your retainer is received. Failure to complete payment by 14 days prior to your event date may result in your order being cancelled.


Cake Design

ECBY will endeavour to colour match where possible, however exact colour matches will not be guaranteed as different colours present differently in different mediums. Whilst every effort is made to produce a high quality product, the client acknowledges that there may be slight unavoidable imperfections as the cake is made by hand and not machine made. Where the Client is requesting a cake from an image, the Client acknowledges that there may be some differences due to size, tools, techniques and mediums used on the original cake. ECBY reserves the right to make changes as they see appropriate. Once the retainer has been paid, the design is fixed as per the quote. Where changes to design result in more cost or effort and skill involved than quoted, then the balance will be adjusted accordingly. Changes may not be made within 2 weeks of the event date.


Delivery & Collection

Acceptance of your order means that your cake has been delivered/collected in good condition. Please note that ECBY cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your order after delivery/collection has taken place. 


ECBY is NOT a nut free or gluten-free environment. Our products contain wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs and nuts. ECBY will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed.


Use of fresh Flowers

If your cake requires fresh flowers, ECBY cannot be held responsible for toxicity or contamination to our food products that may arise.


Cakes with Non-edible Materials

Non-edible items may be used to decorate our cakes and cupcakes. It is the Client's responsibility to remove these prior to serving. ECBY accepts no responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.


Cake Portions

ECBY follows a standard serving cake portion chart. ECBY cannot guarantee that all venues follow the same portion chart. Refer to our Serving Sizes page for further details.


Refund Policy

In the rare case that you are unhappy with your order and would like a refund, you must call the day of your event to arrange the return of your order. Without proof that you are indeed unhappy with the product and will not be serving it at your event, no refund will be awarded. The $100 Save the Date retainer is non-refundable.