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Meets Architecture 

Building an architecturally designed home takes time, patience, attention to detail and commitment.  Building one out of cake is much the same!

When we were contacted to supply a bespoke cake creation for an upcoming house warming event, we were more than honored. When we discovered that the cake design was to be a replica of the house itself, we were ecstatic! 

The new home owners wanted to celebrate this exciting start to the next chapter in their life. A gathering of friends and family was always going to be special, but they wanted to have that unexpected WOW element as well. That’s where we came in!  

Creating this one of a kind cake involved several site visits, numerous photos and the original house plan drawings plus the many hours to make it all come to life. 

Successfully installing the balconies, steps and sloping roofline took not only many kilograms of cake, but also an array of engineering supports and platforms. A great deal of prep time goes into the internal hidden structure of the cake to ensure features like balconies are successfully secured .

We researched the exact brands and colours used for paint and Colorbond, and then set about colour matching as close as possible using the Colourmill brand.

Site visits


Floor plans

So after all of that time, research and planning,

what did our client think?

Thank you Yvette for always giving your all into your talent! Your attention to detail on our house warming cake was absolutely incredible! Most people thought that it was a model of our house, not an actual cake! You are a superstar and will forever have the first opportunity to make our special occasion cakes!

Cake Statistics

  • Work time: Approximately 35 hours to create this masterpiece

  • Cake Size: The cake board was a16 x 24 inch board

  • Cake Weight: Approximately 15kg (besides the actual cake, chocolate ganache, fondant and buttercream can weigh quite a lot altogether)

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