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What Type Of Bloom Are You?

Preserved, Sugar, Buttercream, Wafer, Fresh or Artificial

So you know which flowers you would like on your cake, now you need to decide in what format you would like them displayed. Don't worry if you can't decide on just the one style - we can combine as many as you would like!

Preserved Flowers.JPG

Preserved Flowers

A fresh approach to floral displays! Preserved flowers maintain their natural look whilst giving your design a contemporary edge. When stored correctly, they may be kept for up to three years as a beautiful keepsake.


Sugar Flowers

These are hand crafted especially for your cake design. They can be any size or colour and take many hours of expertise to produce. When stored correctly, they may be kept as a beautiful keepsake.

Buttercream Flower.JPG

Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream frosting flowers are all hand piped and not only look amazing, but taste delicious too! From the fullest roses and ranunculus to the tiniest buds, we can create the perfect bouquet for your cake.

Navy Marble & Rose Gold Drip_Alana Taylo

Wafer flowers

These flowers are hand crafted from wafer paper and are much lighter and airier than sugar varieties. These too can be kept as a keepsake for many years.

Taupe Florals Semi Naked.jpg

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can be provided by your florist or we can supply them for you. Whilst they are stunning, your favourite flower may be subject to seasonal supply.

Contemporary Rose Gold.jpg

Artificial flowers

High quality, everlasting silk flowers can also be used either on their own or combined with other styles to create the perfect floral arrangement. These flowers can also be enhanced through the addition of lustre paint and shimmer effects.

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