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Let Me Introduce Myself


I'm Yvette Farrugia, a seasoned cake artist, tutorial contributor for Cake! Magazine, and your go-to guide for turning sugar and flour into a sweet, successful business.


With a passion for crafting both dreamy buttercream and intricate fondant creations, I've been honoured to share my skills on Cake! TV as a tutorial presenter.


Enchanted Cakes By Yvette was established in 2016, but my love for all kinds of enchanting sweets and cake decorating started long before then.


Even as a young primary school student, I was constantly testing my creative boundaries in the kitchen. Whipping up something for my family whether they were willing participants or not and inventing all sorts of creations. My interest in cakes specifically however, started when I was 17. My mum was completing a cake decorating course and I was instantly intrigued for her to pass on her knowledge to me.


Hence, Enchanted Cakes By Yvette was born and I am forever grateful for the joy it provides me as well as my clients. I have been fortunate enough to have had my skills develop not only through the experience of running my business, but also through undergoing training with leading cake designers in the industry.

Now, it's time to spread the joy beyond the mixing bowl. Whether you're a budding cake artist or a seasoned pro, my mission is to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to not just create beautiful cakes but also build a thriving and profitable cake business. I believe that every cake artist deserves to see their passion translate into a sweet and sustainable livelihood.


Cake = Happiness, and you really can’t be unhappy whilst eating a good slice of cake!


Thank you to those who have been with me from the beginning and to all those who have joined me along the way, welcome to the family.


With sweetness and much love,

Yvette xx

Images by Zest Photography

The most PERFECT cake, thank you so so much. You truly nailed the vision and my GOODNESS does it taste amazing.


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