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Designing A Wedding Cake
part ii

Ruffle Wedding Cake- Better Together Photo Co.jpg

Still feeling uncertain about the ideal cake for your special wedding day? We have more expert tips to help make your day unforgettable!

1. Choose a cake shape

Choose a cake shape that compliments the overall aesthetic of the wedding.


2. Location

Consider the location of the wedding when selecting flavours, fillings and flowers. If you're having an outdoor wedding, choose a design that can hold up in the heat or humidity.


3. Cake Toppers

Choose a cake topper that reflects your personality or interests.


4. Make it personal

This is your wedding day! Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with the design. Incorporate elements such as monograms or favourite flavours into your cake creation.


5. Cake height

Think about the height of the cake and how it will fit in with the rest of your reception decor.


6. Dummy cakes

If you are wanting a design that may not cater for all of your guests, consider having a "dummy" cake as a showpiece with additional cutting cakes for serving guests.


7. Set up requirements

Keep in mind that some designs may require additional setup time or equipment, so make sure that your venue can accommodate any special needs.


8. The cake table 

Where will the cake table be displayed? Ensure that the table styling follows the same theme as all other tables.

Want to learn more about our designs and how to create them yourself?

Just visit our Shop to download our online tutorials or check out our YouTube channel for some amazing "how to" videos today!

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