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Words cannot express my gratitude

OMGOSH, Yvette has an unbelievable talent!! Her dedication is unsurpassed and service just the same. There were tears and awe in everyone's eyes, with mouths dropping to the ground at my Dad's 80th Birthday celebration when the cake was presented.

My Dad was a bookie all his life so I asked Yvette if she could replicate one of his gorgeous, well worn bookie bags that played a vital role in our entire families memories. She not only took on the challenge to capture every single wrinkle in the leather but even replicated the handle, the font, colour.. It was UNBELIEVABLE! When my Mum saw it, she just burst into tears.

Yvette, you are AHHMAZING, words cannot express my gratitude in the hours and hours I assume it took for you to make the cake - which we struggled to cut BTW! I wish we could have kept it forever. Thank you Yvette your cakes are most certainly, without a doubt, ENCHANTING

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